Central Iowa Juvenile
Detention Center




Transportation began in September 1998 and has proven to be a needed service throughout the state. CIJDC maintains the largest juvenile transportation network in the state offering a safe, secure and cost effective transportation. CIJDC takes referrals for transportation from ANYWHERE IN OR OUT OF STATE! CIJDC does not need prior notice to fill transports; when the need arises all that is needed is a phone call or email and we will get a transporter at the desired destination. CIJDC transports 365 days per year: day, middle of the night, weekends, holidays, etc.

General Information
  • CIJDC employs transporters, available day and night, throughout Iowa to maximize cost-savings for our customers.
  • CIJDC carries a multi million dollar liability insurance policy 
  • CIJDC coordinates the State of Iowa’s most comprehensive transportation service and has done so since 1998
  • Juveniles who are adjudicated delinquent or have pending delinquency may be mechanically restrained during transportation to ensure safety
  • Youth and families who are not adjudicated delinquent will be transported without mechanical restraints
  • Transports must be court ordered by a judge, or referred by contracted DHS Worker
  • We can transport families and juveniles to any location in Iowa
  • CIJDC provides Out of State transports by either plane or car
Referral Process
  • All transports must be set up by a JCO, DHS Worker or Law Enforcement Agency 
  • Call CIJDC 24 hours a day and refer the trip to any staff member or simply email the details to transportation@cijdc.com
  • Please fax or mail a copy of the court order or funding request prior to the trip. If not available, please have it on the next business day
  • CIJDC can arrange transportation within 30 minutes of referral under most circumstances
  • Customers who utilize our service benefit in the following ways: Reduces the overall number of Deputies, JCO's and DHS workers transporting juveniles
  • Eliminates unnecessary overtime and scheduling concerns for the Sheriff's Department
  • Increases community safety by keeping Sheriff’s Deputies in the community
  • Our service eliminates the need for numerous agencies
  • CIJDC coordinates all trip details from the essential information provided to us through JCS, DHS, and Sheriff’s Departments
  • We have a large array of vehicle types to accommodate the needs of our clients, which are located throughout the state to ensure the safety, security, and efficiency of our transportation service
Mental Health Committals
  • CIJDC offers Mental Health Committal transportation through select areas in Central, North East and North Central Iowa. 
  • CIJDC must have a copy of the COMMITTAL ORDER emailed or faxed if it is an INVOLUNTARY COMMITTAL
  • Any sheriff’s Department employee or County Mental Health personnel can refer a trip
  • Please contact travis@cijdc.com for billable rate inquiries and contract opportunities
  • We do NOT accept referrals from hospital personnel without prior approval