Central Iowa Juvenile
Detention Center


In Home Counseling

In-home counseling provides another opportunity for a child to receive rehabilitative services while remaining in the community setting. This service is designed to ensure that clients are receiving the best treatment available. Our goal with this service is to provide intensive counseling services to assist youth and their families in making change and to overcome difficulties in their lives. In this process we will identify strengths which will allow them to meet their goals. Our in-home counselors are experienced in various styles of counseling and have years of experience working in the human services field.

This service is available for delinquent youth on formal or informal probation with Juvenile Court Services in the 2nd Judicial District. The program is designed to provide rehabilitative services while the youth is still residing in the community. On-going collaboration with the referring Juvenile Court Officer and other collateral contacts allows for the client to receive superior service from our In-home Counselors. Juvenile Court Officers in the 2nd Judicial District are the only referral source for this service.

Referral Process
- Juvenile Court Officers will fax or email the 2nd Judicial District Request for Rehabilitative Services Form.
- This form provides client demographics along with the problem area and expected outcomes.
- Once this form is received CIJDC will set up in-home sessions with the youth and their family.
- The form will be valid for a period of time as set by the JCO. It also includes the number of ideal 15 minute units per week.
- A Treatment Plan is developed with the family and input from the Juvenile Court Officer. Services are driven by this plan.
- Session notes are provided to the Juvenile Court Officer after each session.

Remedial services are skill-building interventions that improve behaviors and symptoms associated with a psychological disorder that has been assessed and diagnosed by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts (LPHA). Remedial services address mental and functional disabilities that negatively affect a member’s integration and stability in the community, quality of life, and reduce or manage the behaviors that interfere with the member’s ability to function.

Referral Process
- Child is referred by parent, JCO, DHS, School or other professional for an assessment done by a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA).
- The LPHA writes an order from the assessment outlining the need for service and type of service to be delivered.
- CIJDC gets the LPHA order and writes an Implementation Plan which is sent to IME for approval. Once approved CIJDC can provide Remedial Services.
- Provider starts meeting with client and the service is driven by the Implementation Plan.
- CIJDC will communicate with the referral in regards to the client’s progress.

If you have any questions on referring cases or you are interested in employment, please emailĀ inhome@cijdc.com