Central Iowa Juvenile
Detention Center



Tracking and monitoring services are activities undertaken to provide intensive one-to-one guidance and monitoring of a child with the goal of maintaining the client in a nonresidential, community-based setting.

Adolescent tracking and monitoring services are designed to provide a continuum of individualized interventions to adolescents and their families seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Primary service components include tracking, guidance, and monitoring services and advocacy and outreach activities. Tracking, guidance, and monitoring services are directed towards maintaining client accountability and may include multiple daily contacts through direct client contact, telephone, or electronic monitoring devices.

Advocacy and outreach activities are designed to provide advocacy for the client and may include assistance in accessing specified resources. Secondary service components may include guidance, recreation, and transportation.

CIJDC currently provides tracking to the entire 1st Judicial District and has over a decade in providing tracking services around the state.