Central Iowa Juvenile
Detention Center


Phone Call & Visitation Times
Family & Attorney Line (641) 858-5549
Phone Calls

Family Attorney & JCO Calls
Incoming: Incoming:
7:00am - 6:00pm Any time
Call Length - Family Contacts only - No time limit on JCO or Attorney Calls
All Residents Two 10 minute calls
Prestige Level Residents Two 20 minute calls
Phone calls with Parents, Step-parents, Grandparents & Siblings Only


Weekdays & Weekdays
9:00am - 7:00pm
Call (641) 858-5539 to speak with a staff member to set up a time to visit
Family Visits can be from 1- 2 Hours - 1 Family Visit Per Day
No more than 5 visitors in the visitation room at once

Allowed visitors: Mom, Dad, Step-parents, Grandparents and siblings. Siblings under 21 must be accompanied by an Approved visitor over 21

Visitors MUST bring Photo ID

Visitation Rules