Central Iowa Juvenile
Detention Center



CIJDC has grown from 6 member counties to 25 members and 17 affiliates by providing great service at the absolute lowest costs. Since the completion of the larger, state of the art building, CIJDC is offering membership to counties. Membership is FREE! and is a great way to save THOUSANDS of dollars immediately from your county budget.

Membership/Affiliation is a very simple process, local county boards pass a resolution to request membership with CIJDC, at the next commission meeting CIJDC board votes to approve membership or affiliation.

For more information about membership please contact Tony Reed. Email: tony@cijdc.com or (641) 751-1867

Benefits of Membership

  • Organizational Benefits
    - We provide the highest quality service in the most cost effective way
    - Currently No Membership Fee
    - Lowest Bed Day Rate in the State (36%-64% less than other centers)
    - One of your County’s Supervisors would become a Voting Member of our Commission
    - Technical Assistance on Juvenile Justice Matters
  • Operational Services
    - We will NOT refuse admission due to behavior
    - State of the art Suicide Prevention facility, furnishings and programming
    - We are the most efficient Detention Center in the State of Iowa (Based on cost per Unit)
    - We facilitate most organizational functions internally thus creating cost savings for our Member Counties 
    - We provide statistical tracking for all facets of the organization to ensure streamlined service delivery
    - Technologically advanced to ensure accountability, efficiency and cutting edge services
    - Website (www.cijdc.com) for information sharing, Organizational feedback, and Employee recruiting
    - Highly Structured Environment, emphasizing safety and security
    - Urine Analysis for alcohol and drug screening upon JCO or DHS worker request
    - Spanish Interpreting
  • Treatment Services
    - Suicide Assessment using the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument, second edition
    - Group sessions focusing on delinquency prevention, life skills, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. conducted 7 days a week
    - Individualized Programming for Juveniles with Special Needs
    - Educational services provided Monday through Friday
    - Community Service and Restitution Recovery Programs provided
    - 48 hour Dispositional Program in accordance with Iowa Code section 232.52(2)g
    - Nurse on staff for medical screenings
    - We allow on-site Psychological, Educational, and Substance Abuse Testing
    - We can provide other services upon JCO or DHS worker request
  • Transportation
    - Transportation to anywhere in the state of Iowa
    - Transportation for interstate trips depending on logistics
    - We employ transporters throughout Iowa to maximize efficiency
    - Benefits Sheriff’s Departments by reducing overtime and alleviating scheduling concerns
    - We provide the Coordination, Insurance and Billing for all trips
    - We operate several agency vehicles which optimize safety, security and efficiency