Central Iowa Juvenile
Detention Center


Friday Evening Diversion Program

  • Students are to report to the Main Enterance at the Marshalltown High School by 6:00pm
  • Sessions will run from 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Students are responsible for thier own transportation to and from the program
  • Attendance is required or additional consequeneces may be inacted
  • Classes may be cancelled prior and you wil be responsible for attending the next scheduled session

Referrals may come from Juvenile Court Services or Marshall County Schools

For informaiton on the program or the referal process please email Justin Cornish- justin@cijdc.com

The purpose of the FEP program is to provide a supervised learning opportunity, skill development,
and supervised accountability time for JCS clients and Marshall County students. Participants of the FEP
program will improve attendance, decrease the number of office referrals, improve grades, and
decrease probation/ECS violations.

The FEP program will also increase successful completion of informal adjustment agreements.
Adolescents participating in the program will also spend some of their time working on skill
development activities, to be facilitated by the supervisors. This should exonerate JCS probable
clientele by offering more systematically appropriate skill development.

In addition to the learning component of the class, youth in the program may be involved in a variety
of individual and group activities that focus on moral development, skill development, anger control,
responsible thinking/behavior, peer pressure, positive decision making, problem solving and setting
attainable goals.

The youth will engage in skill development activities, such as role playing. The
activities are individualized to the extent possible and the students will be encouraged to take a serious
look at the areas that have referred them to the Diversion Program.